Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and What is Next in 5C

Currently, the wind is assaulting the North Shore and many other places, bringing rain and some other possible dangers.  It is my sincere hope that you and yours are all safe.

With an unexpected day off, today provides a good time to rest and reflect.  It was great to connect with parents at conferences to discuss how the school year has been thus far while discussing a terrific group of students.  It is remarkable to think about what the fifth graders have already accomplished, and exciting to think about what awaits.

School is definitely in full swing, and you can definitely see it in fifth grade.  In 5C, we have wrapped up our first reading book and will begin our second novel, My Brother Sam is Dead, in a short time.  Grammar finds us wrapping up nouns and looking forward to verbs while we wrap up multiplication and division in math before tackling some fraction concepts in chapter 3.  We have been looking at poetry in various forms and types of figurative language while students work on their reports, which includes an original poem.  In social studies, we have completed our look at exploration and settlement and now we focus specifically on the thirteen English colonies.

We have been doing many other things such as being mentors to our kindergarten buddies, examining ways to be efficient students and good citizens, and thinking about the process of learning.

Halloween is nearly here and November will give us time to celebrate Grandfriends' Day and Thanksgiving.  Field trips to the Wenham Museum, Lexington and Concord, and the Freedom Trail are spread out at the end of October through November and December.

In 5C, we will continue to strive to be "At Our Finest," whether in the classroom, out on the recess fields, or in our communities.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As September Winds Down...

With September coming to a close and October right around the corner, 5C is in full swing these days.  We are enjoying the cool weather and seeing some of the new developments with the construction project among many other things.

In class, we are busy with our Honor simulation and studying the states during social studies.  In math, we are finishing up a unit on number sense before we move on to multiplication and division.  The class is enjoying Quest for Courage in reading and learning about sentences in grammar.  There are many things going on with all the specials classes.  We are also plugging away with spelling, writing, and generally getting settled into our fifth grade routine.  The students are learning about the responsibility of being the oldest in the Lower School.

The students were given email accounts this week and expectations for use.  They are excited to have that mode of communication and access to Google docs as well.

There is an abundance of enthusiasm in 5C each day, and that is terrific for learning.  We are getting more comfortable and confident, which are two trends I am hoping to sustain throughout the year.  The class is really wonderful, and I look forward to learning with them.

October will bring many exciting things.  The science Egg Drop is early in the month, so it will be interesting to see what ideas are flying off of the Winslow fire escape on the 5th.  We will be traveling to Smolak Farms with our buddies to pick some pumpkins on the 4th.  Obviously Halloween and Columbus Day are two holidays on the horizon.

Getting to meet the parents is another great opportunity, and both Back to School Night this week and conferences in October will provide some time to chat about school and students.  I look forward to working with the families and finding good ways to support these students in having a wonderfully productive and fun year.

Mr. Coyle

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At Our Finest

At Our Finest.  Our new theme for the year says so much with just a few words.  In reading it last week, I began to think about what it means to me.  I really like how it clearly relates to the Community Code at Shore, seeing as how someone at their finest is also being dependable, respectful, true, kind, open and their best.  I think the theme positively encourages us to strive for excellence and to make each and every day count.  It is exciting to think about all the ways that, as a class, we can use this as a rallying cry in an effort to make this year truly one to remember.

Over the past two weeks, At Our Finest has meant something very real to me as I began preparations for the year.  The ongoing construction has been amazing to witness, and the direction Shore is heading is fun to contemplate.  There has been plenty to do to get ready for the upcoming year, and I have to say that I am in awe of the members of the Shore community during this process.  There are so many instances of people pitching in to help or support one another in this abbreviated time frame, that it becomes really evident how so many people really operate "At Our Finest."  A huge thank you to the faculty, staff, and administration that are helping to get the year off to a positive start.  I have to make a special mention of our Maintenance Crew, who worked so very hard to help me get my classroom ready for our wonderful students.  Thanks also to the Technology team, who are working feverishly to have new hardware installed which will greatly add to our learning in 5C this year.  As I hope these examples have illustrated, the theme this year at Shore is more than just a few words, it is the effort, care, and pride that our community shares.

So as we prepare for opening day, think about what At Our Finest means to you, or ways that you have seen it present on the campus already.

I am so excited to begin a new year with the new class of fifth graders.  I have met so many of you already, and I look forward to getting to know you better while we learn this year.

More to come soon, and please know that we are working to update our webpages with various bits of information.

Mr. Coyle

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring in 5-C

Hi all,

Now that the dust has mostly settled from our amazing trip to Mystic and a beautiful spring break, we are back, hard at work here in fifth grade. 

We are working to finish our Mystic movies and polish our Clipper presentations for All Hands on Deck.  We will be studying westward expansion soon as well.  Our next book will be The Ballad of Lucy Whipple, which will tie in nicely with the U.S. expansion topic.  In grammar, we are finishing adverbs and moving on to prepositions.  Decimals is our unit of focus in math.  We will be completing poetry projects in writing, all while we continue our spelling units and the various special subjects. 

This term, our class will handle the recycling for the entire lower school as part of our Junior Senate responsibilities. 

Again, you will see that there is so much going on in class.  We are striving to be consistent in our work and be excellent citizens as the leaders of the lower school. 

More to come, and there is plenty to be excited about. 

Mr. C.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Happening in 5C?

Hi all,

January has been a busy and productive month, and as we look to February, we have plenty to keep us going here in fifth grade.  All of our specials classes have been terrific, and our weekly meetings with kindergarten buddies have allowed us to reconnect with the younger students while enjoying some fun activities and free time. 

Our learning has been in full swing as well.  In math we are moving from division to geometry and grammar has us finishing adjectives and examining pronouns.  We have continued to examine spelling rules and a variety of writing.  In reading, our study of Nathaniel Bowditch and his biography has been interesting and relevant to our emerging social studies theme.  Learning about Nat's life and his importance to the sailing community has both enriched and informed us about the life of a sailor in the years following the American Revolution.  In social studies, we are coming off our study of the Constitution, and now are beginning our Clipper simulation with great excitement.  There are plenty of opportunities to learn about various nautical ideas while working cooperatively and efficiently in groups.  I look forward to seeing all of the many things we can learn, share, and enjoy. 

As you can see, we have plenty to do and learn while continuing our important role as some of the leaders of the Lower School.  In the not so distant future, our trip to Mystic will be upon us.  Information will be coming home, and conferences will provide an opportunity to discuss any questions about this wonderful trip. 

Mr. Coyle

Monday, November 28, 2011

December in 5-C

I hope you all were able to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving break this past week.  It was great having so many grandfriends visit on the day before vacation, and they seemed to really like seeing the students in their learning environment. 

In December, we will continue with our study of the American Revolution, both the causes of the conflict and the war itself.  My Brother Sam is Dead will provide a historical fiction tie-in during reading as well.  In grammar, we will continue with verbs and move on to adjectives as well.  We will continue with our work on personal narratives, spelling, and in math, we will continue with our unit on area and variables.  In addition, we have our Freedom Trail field trip, candle making, and many other fun activities. 

We will continue our work in specials classes, including the skating unit during P.E. 

It is a short time between now and the holiday break, packed with plenty of fun learning opportunities.  I look forward to continuing our studies as we move into December.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Happenings

Fresh off our field trip to Smolak Farms, we are getting into the autumn spirit here in 5C.  The field trip was a terrific experience and we look forward to decorating the pumpkins we picked with the Kindergarten.

There are plenty of things going on this month.  Breakfast buddies gives students a chance to enjoy a delicious breakfast with Mrs. MacCurrach and discuss some of the great aspects of fifth grade with the Head of the Lower School.  Conferences are right around the corner and I look forward to meeting with the parents to discuss the beginning of the year and the best ways to support the students throughout the year.  We also have another field trip to Wenham Museum and on that same day, our Junior Senate will hold a concession stand on the Green Top after school.  We end the month with Halloween, which is sure to be a very fun day.

Our academic schedule will also be progressing.  We are moving on to our study of nouns in grammar and beginning work on a personal narrative for writing.  Exploration and settlements in chapter 4 will be our first work with the Social Studies book.  In math, we will continue with number sense and move on to multiplication topics in Unit 3.  We will be wrapping up our study of Quest for Courage and examine some comprehension strategies during reading.  In spelling, we will continue our work with the Sitton program and work to incorporate these ideas into our daily work.

The specials classes also offer plenty of interesting items.  Among them are the Egg Drop in Science and some research techniques that we are learning in Library.  Our full schedule also gives us some fun in Chorus, Drama, Spanish, P.E., Music, and Health.

Keep checking the website for pictures, videos, and other various information.

I also ask that parents keep an eye out for any announcements in the assignment notebooks (ASN).  These are important tools and we will rely on them heavily to communicate information, help students with organization, and improve homework habits.  I ask that you sign them each night and note about how much time the work is taking the student.  Thanks for your help in reinforcing these good habits.

With cooler weather lurking, please also be sure to send in items that are in dress code to keep students warm. 

Here is to a fun, productive month!